With the frequent use of the internet, almost all corporate firms and industrial companies started to visualize their aims, principles, targets and their accessibility on their web pages. Websites construct important bridges of trust between clients and the companies or industries. Therefore, each industry possesses different style on their websites which are determined according to the message that companies want to deliver to their customers on the first hand. Because of this reason, the web design strategies and methods that are used for companies differ according to their distinct themes and aims. Here is a short list of industry examples and the web design tools that they tend to use. Practical evaluation of these tools helps people understand how web design changes from industry to industry.

Different Ideas Bring Variety, Creativity, and Pluralism into Web Design

Specific industries have different targets, messages, and clients. Therefore the communication channels that they have towards their customers differ according to the main principles of the industries. Here is a short list of examples from different industries:

  • Architecture: Websites for this industry emphasize interior and outer design of various buildings, palaces, bridges, towers and modern constructions. The main theme is developed around the ideas of elegance, strength, and volume.
  • Educational: Websites in this industry focus on students, educational material, and educational targets. The headers and the campaigns offered to prospective students are highlighted.
  • Health: Websites in this industry focus more on tranquility, the idea of staying healthy and cleanliness in order to provide trust for the prospective clients and patients. The information on current doctors and medical operations can be beneficial.
  • Fashion: Websites in this industry use neon and lively colors along with latest trends from the world of fashion. Recent fashion demonstrations, the pictures of clothes and apparel are also presented.
  • Television: Websites in this industry place the focus on communication with the audience and announcing breaking news in order to keep people’s attention on the webpage.